Make A Difference

                                                                                 I really enjoyed my visit to the Barnados bookshop at 45 Clerk Street to support “Make a Difference Day“.

For a bookworm like me it was a treat to spend time in the shop and learn about how the work of volunteers enables Barnados to raise money to support their work with children.

Barnados focuses specifically on at-risk youth and vulnerable children. It places emphasis on providing support and counselling for local youth, as well as adoption, training and fostering services.

Make A Difference Day is sponsored by CSV (Community Service Volunteers), the UK’s largest volunteering and training charity. The event is aimed at volunteers sharing skills and time in charitable ways across the country.  Skills ranging from professions like accounting to personal interests like gardening or teaching are encouraged.  As a charity, Barnardo’s takes part in Make A Difference Day by encouraging people to volunteer to help children across the nation.  Volunteers at Barnardo’s on Make A Difference Day can expect to work in Barnardo’s shops or offices, help to raise funds for the charity, or work directly with children with an emphasis on teaching skills and abilities.

The charity helps in excess of 100,000 children annually, has 5,299 employees and 13,000 volunteers.  Barnados high profile shops and online presence are key to raising an annual revenue of £244,984,000.

I spoke with Laura, who manages the shop and Hilary who has volunteered for over a decade.  I was struck by their enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication. If you are interested in volunteering you can go online to find out more.