Backing for prostate cancer care

I have signed my support to a motion calling on the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) to reconsider its decision not to recommend a breakthrough prostate cancer drug for use on the NHS in Scotland.

Around 19,000 men in Scotland are currently living with prostate cancer making it the most common cancer in men in the country. 

A new treatment, Abiraterone, has been shown to extend the lives of men with prostate cancer, significantly reducing pain and improving their quality of life. The drug has already been approved for NHS use in England and Wales, but the SMC has rejected it for routine use in Scotland.

I am concerned that a treatment that has been successfully developed, tested and proven to deliver real benefits is being withheld from prostate cancer patients in Scotland and I am urging the SMC to reconsider its decision.

To find out more about the campaign, and to add your support please visit:

I have also added my support to the Prostate Cancer Charity’s calls for a national set of standards of quality prostate cancer care.

Research conducted by the charity has suggested that men affected by prostate cancer receive different levels of care in different parts of the country.  This is also the case in terms of support for family and friends of people affected by the disease.

To help improve the lives of people with the disease, as well as those close to them, it’s essential we know exactly what support they require and expect from our health service.

The draft standards drawn up by the Prostate Cancer Charity hope to identify the key needs for people affected by prostate cancer, as well as their friends and family.  The charity is calling on people with experience of the disease to provide feedback to ensure that the standards accurately reflect the needs of men.

There is a clear need to provide better information to these people about the disease from diagnosis and treatment through to follow up care.

To find out more about the consultation, and prostate cancer in general, visit the Prostate Cancer Charity Website.