BBC reports on statutory notices

Last night, the BBC screened a hard hitting documentary about the on-going situation with statutory notices in Edinburgh.

The programme, part of the BBC Scotland Investigates series, looked at case studies of residents who have had statutory notice problems.

Issues which have been raised with me by many constituents were highlighted on the programme including escalating costs, poor communication and unnecessary work.

The programme also highlighted issues of alleged corruption regarding builders which are being investigated by police. 

Investigation of the Property Conservation Department by Deloitte and the police is still on-going but this programme offers a useful overview of the issues.  It will be available until September 27th on the BBC iPlayer.

My main concern is that the inquiries are dragging on and the city urgently needs answers to the questions raised by my constituents.   I’m concerned that the moratorium on new works has led to properties which are experiencing damaging leaks now being left without essential repairs. 

We also need solutions to empower residents to get on and tackle the work needed in their properties in a cost effective, fair and transparent manner.