Black Friday – bad news for Scottish Families

Today I joined Iain Gray and Ann McKechin to launch our campaign to make people aware of the true costs of Tory cuts to family incomes.

Every Edinburgh Labour candidate joined together on the Calton Hill to draw attention to the fact that the average Scottish family will be between £1,200 and £2,000 worse off.  When you add together the impact of the VAT increase (which the Lib Dems said they wouldn’t support during last year’s election campaign), the freezing of Child Benefit, the fact that the Child Trust Fund is being scrapped and changes to tax credits on 1st April will mean a £545 cut from the baby element.   

Families are being hammered by the Tory Government.     The Fawcett Society has previously pointed out that women are particularly vulnerable to Tory cuts and reductions in public service sector jobs.   With the cuts in winter fuel allowances for pensioners which George Osborne, Tory Chancellor sneaked through in his budget and rising inflation, people have seen their incomes reduced and their standard of living squeezed.