Celebrating Scottish Environment Week

Throughout the week, events will be taking place in Parliament to mark Scottish Environment Week.

The annual celebrations are organised by Scottish Environment LINK and I am delighted to be the main sponsor of the week again which this year marks its 10th Anniversary.

LINK provides a forum, bringing together 38 organisations representing environmental interests. Throughout the week, many of these organisations will be in Parliament to speak to MSPs about their work.

The range of issues and interests covered by these organisations is vast – from overarching global issues like climate change and marine conservation to the preservation of some of the smallest creatures found in Scotland.

This year’s Environment Week programme includes a celebration of Scotland’s whale and dolphin populations, a look at the interactions between our historic heritage and the environment, efforts to make urban areas havens for wildlife and the push towards more sustainable agriculture.

Now in its tenth year, Scottish Environment Week has regularly provided the opportunity to reflect on action in Parliament to support our natural, built and marine environments and to focus minds on the continuing need to work towards a more environmentally sustainable society.  It is an excellent forum for engaging with MSPs on a broad range of issues.   It’s a good chance for us to reflect on progress made so far and areas where more political priority and action is needed.