Class sizes of 40 in Edinburgh Primary Schools

In my election campaign I’ve spoken to teachers worried about school cuts who’ve been warned not to speak out by the council authorities.  

But teachers are clearly deeply worried about the negative educational impact on children of the Council’s mismanagement of our schools.

In 2007 the proposals by the SNP Lib Dem Council to close a series of primary schools was roundly criticised at the time.  I supported parents and educationalists who challenged the plans.   The Council were warned about the impact of closures – but completely ignored us.   Locally we argued that it made absolutely no sense whatsoever to close successful schools such as Abbeyhill, Stockbridge and St Cuthbert’s.  After parental pressure and a strong campaign locally the Council were forced to remove these popular schools from the closure list.

Its now crystal clear that the Council’s plans will have a damaging impact on schools.   We’ve now got the farcical situation that some primary schools will have class sizes of over pupils – a world away from SNP promises of 18 children per class in primary school.    See the full story in the Evening News here