Clean Up Scotland

IMG_7749I recently added my support to Keep Scotland Beautiful’s ‘Clean Up Scotland‘ campaign.

The year round mass-engagement campaign, backed by a wide range of bodies and organisations, is aiming to encourage people across the country to take action to tackle litter and mess in our communities.

In the short-term, the campaign is helping promote clean-up events in the build up to international events like the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup.  Looking further ahead, it is hoping to support a change of culture where littering is seen as socially unacceptable.

The campaign is highlighting six key problem areas – littering, dog fouling, flytipping, flyposting, graffiti and abandoned vehicles. Some of the figures on these are astonishing.  Every month, for example, 50 tonnes of litter is collected from the sides of our motorways while around 5,000 cars are abandoned every year.

The campaign has evolved from the previous National Spring Clean eight-week event to a year-round effort.  To find out more about the campaign, how to get involved and events in your area, visit the Clean Up Scotland website.