Climate Jobs Caravan

On Saturday I attended the launch of the Climate Jobs Caravan – a touring campaign highlighting the fact that creating ‘climate jobs’ can help us tackle the twin crises of the economy and climate change.  

The initiative is organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change and will travel to locations across the country to highlighting its ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ report.

The report sets out the campaign’s vision to see one million jobs created across the UK in sectors such as electricity and energy; housing and building; transport; and industry and agriculture.  In addition the report looks at the education needs to provide people with the skills required for these jobs.

During the last session of the Parliament, MSPs put in place tough climate change targets.  Achieving these targets presents opportunities not only for the environment but also for the economy with the creation of green jobs and sustainable growth and to deliver real benefits to people. 

However, if we are to tackle climate change and benefit from a green jobs boost we need greater commitment from the Scottish Government to put in place the right vision, policies and finance in key areas like transport, building standards, renewables and energy efficiency.  One of the issues I’m campaigning for is more action on community renewables projects in urban and rural projects which link in with measures to tackle fuel poverty.

I hope the Climate Jobs Caravan is successful in raising awareness as it travels around the UK of the benefits of early action to reduce our carbon emissions and generates investment to create new jobs.   Last week’s Queen’s Speech made reference to the new Green Investment Bank.  It is vital that alongside traditional banks it becomes a player to enable the low carbon transformation we aspire to deliver in Scotland.