Contractor appointed to build Edinburgh’s long delayed Sick Kids

Sick KidsYesterday NHS Lothian announced the contractor to build the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children

It’s a welcome step forward for a project that is long overdue. Under the board’s initial plans the hospital was due to open in 2012.

The old Sick Kids hospital holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of families who have relied on its services over the years but it has been more than a decade since the building was described as not been fit for purpose.

In the intervening time, the condition of the building has continued to deteriorate with draughty wards, crumbling masonry and antiquated facilities. We are still at least three years from having a new hospital and I am seeking assurances from the Scottish Government that further slippage will be avoided.

I am also seeking assurances that the contract will support local jobs and training and to ensure that the firm is not involved in blacklisting construction workers.