Enforcement action shows party flat approach working

Party Flat campaigners deliver petition to Parliament in 2009. Photo courtesy of Edinburgh Evening News

The City of Edinburgh Council recently took control of two properties in the city under new powers to tackle party flats.

The flats, in the city’s Grove Street, have routinely been rented out to large groups and have been the source of years of distress for local residents due to antisocial behaviour.

Following the court ruling the Council will effectively become the landlord of the properties for 12 months although the exact details are still being discussed.

Reports suggest that the Council will continue to let the property with income going to the landlord.  However, large groups will be banned under the decision.

This latest decision follows sustained lobbying for action following the introduction of new regulations which I campaigned for over a number of years with residents.

The Council pursued a number of actions with the owner of the properties to reduce the impact of antisocial behaviour but found that he failed to comply with restrictions placed on the properties earlier this year.

For the area affected, the decision should bring immediate relief from antisocial behaviour associated with party flats.

For residents in other parts of the city, it shows that concerns will be taken seriously and acted upon.  The first step is to report disturbances when they occur to allow an investigation of the situation.  You can contact the Council 24 hours a day on 0131 311 3131.

Meanwhile, the decision also sends a clear message to landlords operating properties that they have a responsibility to ensure that those renting their properties do so in a way that is considerate to local residents.