Enough Food For Everyone IF… Scotland plays its part

Earlier this month I led a Member’s Debate in Parliament calling on Scotland to play its part in the fight to end world hunger.

The debate highlighted the work of the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign which is calling for international action to end world hunger.

Recent research from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has found that almost 870m people worldwide – that’s one in eight of the population – are affected by chronic undernourishment.

In the developing world, malnutrition accounts for around 2.3m child deaths every year and leaves countless others dealing with lifelong health implications.

The IF campaign is being driven forward by a coalition of over 150 organisations including some of the UK’s most well-known and respected charities.

It is using the opportunity of the UK’s presidency of the G8 group of world leaders to call for action at home and abroad.

Although many of the issues associated with this campaign are reserved to the UK Parliament, the campaign is also highlighting action that the Scottish Government and Scottish people can take to play our part in making 2013 the beginning of the end of world hunger.

You can read the campaign’s manifesto for Scotland here.

The coming together of the IF campaign group is a significant moment, representing an urgent mass call for global action to tackle this scandal, and it is vital that all levels of Scottish society listen and play their part.

The Scottish Government needs to take the lead, ensuring its actions and policies are geared toward protecting the world’s most vulnerable people and encouraging others to follow suit.

Since the campaign was launched in January, it has amassed impressive public support with over 50,000 people signing up. The campaign is the biggest of its kind since Make Poverty History and I hope that it signals a tipping point where the calls for action are so loud they cannot be ignored by world leaders.

I will be working to encourage the Scottish Government to play its part in this process to make 2013 the beginning of the end for hunger.