Fighting for what really matters

Today Labour’s manifesto for the Scottish election – Fighting for what really matters was launched in Clydebank.
The venue was Clydebank College built on the site of a former shipyard.  The College was chosen because of its symbolism and the focus in Iain Gray’s presentation was on creating training opportunities and apprenticeships for school leavers and new jobs to pull us out of recession.  The Manifesto was the result of extensive consultation with individual members of the public, trade unions, businesses and campaigning groups.
The manifesto reflects real people’s concerns and sets out how a Labour Government in the Scottish Parliament would create new jobs and protect vital front line services like schools and hospitals.   The event kicked off with a video which you can watch here >>
There was a real sense of occasion as the audience heard the raft of policies that I and other Shadow Cabinet members have been working hard to develop for the last few months.

Introducing our plans Iain Gray, Labour leader said.  “My plan is bold, radical and ambitious. We will abolish youth unemployment within the lifetime of the next parliament.  But we must go further. That’s why a Labour Scottish government will put in place the building blocks to create a quarter of a million jobs and apprenticeships in the next decade.

The people of Scotland have told us that, now the Tories are back, they want a Government in Scotland that will fight for what really matters. What really matters is:

  • guaranteeing an apprenticeships for suitably qualified youngsters and giving people unemployed for six months the chance of a real job 
  • ensuring knife criminals go to jail, cracking down on antisocial behaviour and bringing in new rights for victims of crime 
  • freezing the council tax for two years to help families through tough times 
  • halving cancer waiting times so you see a specialist and get results within two weeks, and ending the postcode lottery for care of the elderly
  • putting literacy teachers back in classrooms to focus on the basics for every pupil and ensuring there is no price tag on university education.”

  You can download a full copy of the manifesto here>>