Green Energy Debate

Last week I spoke in the Scottish Government’s debate on green energy. 

There are huge opportunities for Scotland in the renewables sector in terms of jobs and training but under the SNP they are passing us by.

Whether it’s small or large, on or off-shore, the drive to renewables can generate jobs from the design and manufacture to the logistics of delivering new infrastructure where it is needed.

After four years in Government we still have no indication of what the SNP will actually do in terms of training, jobs or growing a successful commercial sector.  We have seen a lack of commitment to small scale and community developments that could help to reduce emissions while delivering cheaper energy, particularly for those on low incomes.

Scotland is uniquely placed to reap the environmental and economic benefits of renewable generation but so far the SNP has dodged the difficult questions.  Warm words on green energy are no substitute for providing the infrastructure and policy support to take it forward and it’s time for the SNP to make its vision clear.