Hutchie Vale’s Defibrillator Success

Shockingly Easy

Last week, members of the Hutchison Vale Community Sports Club unveiled a new automated external defibrillator.

The life saving device allows for a quick response to certain cardiac arrhythmias (or irregular heartbeat) which can lead to cardiac arrest and is designed to be simple to use.

Members of Hutchie Vale have been supporting the Evening News ‘Shockingly Easy’ campaign which aims to see the devices installed at every sports club in the Lothians.

The campaign was set up in memory of 13-year-old Jamie Skinner who died in December 2013 following a suspected heart attack while playing football for Tynecastle FC.

Every week in the UK, 12 apparently fit and healthy people under 35 lose their lives due to undiagnosed cardiac conditions and the early use of defibrillation can significantly increase the chances of survival.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government published a national strategy looking at the issue of out of hospital cardiac arrest.  The strategy outlines a number of action points to improve care at every step of the so called chain of survival from early recognition through to aftercare.  It also highlights the need to raise public awareness and to create a culture of readiness.

I have lodged a motion in Parliament, congratulating Hutchie Vale and calling for early action to implement the Scottish Government’s strategy.