NHS Staff survey published

Sarah at the ERI - photo by Jon DaveyTowards the end of the year the Scottish Government published the results of the 2013 NHS staff survey with  results showing the huge pressure our NHS staff are under across Scotland.

Some of the headline figures for NHS Lothian are particularly worrying.  For example, just over a quarter of staff who replied felt that there are enough staff to allow them to do their jobs properly.

Meanwhile, less than half of staff said that they felt well informed about what was happening at the health board and fewer than a quarter said they were consulted about changes at work.

Perhaps most concerning of all was the finding that just 51% of staff believe that care of patients was the health board’s top priority.

This survey should concern us all and underscores the points I’ve been raising about the lack of funding and appropriate levels of staffing in NHS Lothian.  I hope the Scottish Government takes the right action in response to this survey.