No Smoking Day marked

No Smoking DayEarlier this month the British Heart Foundation promoted its annual No Smoking Day campaign.

Now in its 30th year, the annual campaign has helped millions of people to kick the habit by highlighting the impact of smoking on health.

For this year’s event, the campaign chose to focus on the economic benefits of quitting, encouraging people to ‘Swap Fags for Swag’.  

The campaign highlighted the amount of money smokers can save by quitting and some of the things they could spend their money on instead.

Over the cost of a year, a smoker with a 20-a-day habit will spend over £2,700 on cigarettes.  That is an eye-watering amount of money.

Of course, quitting can be extremely difficult, but local support is available and working out what you could afford to buy, not to mention the health benefits, is a great motivator.

For more information on the benefits of quitting as well as top quit tips, visit or call 0800 84 84 84.