Nursery Closures Confirmed

Last week the Council confirmed to parents that High School Yards and Princess Elizabeth Nursery Schools will be closed at the end of this term.

These decisions are deeply disappointing and will come as a major blow to children, their families and teachers who have fought against closure.

When the Scottish Government called these decisions in there was hope that they would recognise the deep flaws in the case for closure but sadly this has not been the case.  I am particularly disappointed that the Education Secretary Mike Russell failed to respond to my representations on this matter.

Given the strength of feeling from local people and elected representatives I would have liked the local SNP/Lib Dem administration to be more forthcoming with information. Instead, parents have been strung along, unable to make firm plans, while the administration has stalled on giving a straight answer.

The Council now needs to ensure that alternative arrangements for the children affected are put in place as quickly as possible while supporting parents to make the right choice for their children.