Nurses bear brunt as NHS staffing falls

Official statistics released by the NHS in Scotland have revealed that nurses and midwives are amongst the hardest hit groups as NHS cuts begin to bite.

In the six months to March 2011, the equivalent of 90 full time nursing and midwife posts affecting over 100 members of staff were lost in the NHS Lothian area.  Across all staffing groups, over 360 posts were lost in the same period.

The largest job losses come from the administrative services department where over 100 posts have been cut.  However, the vast majority of these losses come from band 1 and 2 workers earning between £14,000 and £17,000 a year and delivering necessary admin services to the NHS.

I am concerned that cuts to frontline nurses and midwives will inevitably have an effect on patient care and place strain on remaining staff.  The SNP said it would cut NHS managers so it is also disappointing to see the axe fall first on people at the lower end of the wage scale.