Prevention Saves Money and Misery

Just hosted an excellent launch of the Cyrenians new research on preventing homelessness.   The Report “Prevention Saves Money and Misery” records that one year on 99% of the people assisted in the project are still in accommodation and have not lost their home.  With the Parliament’s target that there will be no homelessness in 2012 just a year off the report is timely.  You can down load the report and see the fantastic video which brings the pressure that people are under which can lead to homelessness and the help they have received through the project.

While prevention isn’t the whole answer – and we need more affordable housing and jobs so that people can sustain their tenancies – it has to be part of the solution.   As people are put under increasing pressure due to the recession and the impact of cuts to housing benefit they need practical help to avoid sliding into homelessness.  

I’ll still keep pressing for more investment in social housing so that people get access to decent affordable housing.  Given Edinburgh’s lack of affordable housing its got to be a higher priority for the Scottish Government.