Private Hospitals Don’t Resolve Waiting Times

NHS Lothian’s use of private hospitals to tackle waiting times is back in the news again. The last time the health board used this strategy to clear a backlog of waiting time was just a few years ago in 2011. Tackling waiting lists is much-needed, but using private hospitals is so short-sighted. This is simply not the right thing to do. The cost of sending patients to private hospitals can only store up financial problems for years ahead and could contribute to further waiting time pressures in the future.

NHS Lothian needs a budget which matches the demographic change taking place in the Lothians. We’ve got an ageing and growing population, which greater needs, as well as growth from more young people but the budget is not keeping up with the demand. The Scottish Government needs to act so that we can keep NHS Lothian fit for the future. That means investing in GP training as well as practises being sufficiently resourced, to stop bed blocking we need to have enough care home spaces with the right expertise to care for our growing elderly population and ultimately hospitals need to be given the ability to fix this long running waiting time issue.

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