Supporting the Filmhouse

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is currently in full swing and, earlier in the month I visited the Filmhouse to get a sneak preview behind the scenes.  

It was a chance to discuss issues such as the economics of cinema, digital film developments, and long-term ambitions to improve the quality of the cinema experience at the Filmhouse.

There is a special buzz when the film Festival is on.   It’s a chance to see world premieres, see film stars in the city and hear directors discuss their work with film goers.

Film is an accessible way for directors to raise issues of injustice and to explore the human impact of momentous events.  

In my time as an MSP, I have been fortunate to get the chance to attend screenings of films addressing global issues.   These have included straight documentaries like ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘Burma VJ’, the dystopic account of ‘The Age of Stupid’ and the commercially successful films of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock.

Through their craft, filmmakers have the capacity to focus on and present the complex issues of the world, to contextualise them within a narrative and to give them a voice.    The challenge is to make that voice heard.   That is where events like the Edinburgh International Film Festival can play a role.   It also the chance to see films with similar themes or directors presented together enabling comparisons and debates.

The Festival runs until this Sunday.  To find out more about the programme you can visit the website here.