The continuing campaign on Statutory Notices

Malcolm Chisholm MSP and I met with the City Council and Deloitte yesterday to get answers about the statutory notices investigation.

I’ve dealt with 72 cases where Statutory notice concerns have been raised over the last 2-3 years. That’s why I’ve campaignd hard to get the Council to accept just how badly their administration of the system has been. In my experience that’s a powerful indicator of how many people have been caught up in the escalating problem.

The review is clearly intended to be serious and thorough and the issues we have been raising on behalf of constituents are being looked at.

However there’s still no definitive timescale and I think that’s a problem.
People are worried now about the bills they’ve been sent and they don’t have confidence in the system.

They have concerns about the quality and necessity of the works. There’s also the issue of affordability. We asked for urgent action to clarify what assistance the council is capable of offering to people who don’t have the ability to pay what can be significant sums of money.

Longer term lessons need to be learnt in particular whether any legislative change is required.