Twenty More Store Launch

On Friday I visited the Twenty More Store in Dumbiedykes, a store ran by a terrific charity called Comas, an organisation that helps a wide spectrum of different households many of whom are struggling with the same thing: poverty.  Many people living in Dumbiedykes face hardships; including the impact of anti-social behaviour and drugs and alcohol misuse.  Although the estate is very close to the city centre it feels isolated to many who live there – hence my longstanding support and campaigning for a decent, regular bus service.

However, Dumbiedykes has a terrific community spirit and lots of residents happy to volunteer to help. Just along from the Braidwood Centre, the new shop has already become a focal point for the community. Comas recognise this, and helped to open a shop selling essentials dedicated to saving £20 per household. This is possible because each product is sold at its cost price; no loss and no profit is made.  It is crystal clear that Comas wants nothing as much as than to see the improvement of Dumbiedykes community, in every shape and form. For more information on the store, visit

And for more info on Comas head to  the charity also runs the Serenity Café which is well worth a visit at 8 Jackson’s Entry, off the Canongate.IMG_20150925_162803 IMG_20150925_165504