Visiting the Serenity Café

Serenity CafeEarlier this week I visited the Serenity Café, an Edinburgh based project that supports people recovering from addiction. 

The café was set up, and continues to be operated by volunteers with the support of Comas, an independent community development agency.

On the visit I met with three volunteers and spoke with them about their work. From these discussions I was left with the impression that the café is potentially an important place for people who really want to get their lives back on track and need help and support to do so.

I was really impressed with the range of social activities on offer at the café including singing groups and art classes.   The activities give people the chance to meet others in similar circumstances and help them to find ways to express themselves.

The café also has two meeting areas where people with addictions can access private support to deal with their addiction.

The work of the café is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers and the amount of time that they give to the project is unbelievable; they are on hand most of the week to help people with addictions through what is an extremely difficult stage of their lives.

When speaking with the volunteers I heard about how the café has helped to reshape the lives of service users.   It was interesting to hear about the journeys that many of the volunteers and users of the café have been on.

One of the challenges that volunteers highlighted was that the café needs to advertised more effectively as it does not get as many customers as had been hoped.    Moving forward the café hopes to attract more members of the public through its doors as well as continuing to welcome people with an addiction to help them get past that difficult stage in their lives.

The café is open from 9-5 Monday to Friday and you can send an email to, visit or call the café directly to get in touch or arrange a meeting on this number: 0131 556 8765.