Wishes for Scotland’s Children

Wishes for Scotland's ChildrenOn Wednesday, campaigners joined together for World Day for the Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children.

To mark the occasion, Children 1st has published a new report, Wishes for Scotland’s Children.

The report contains nearly 600 wishes from children, young people and families across Scotland.  The wishes are grouped into broad themes demonstrating the aspirations of our young people but also the challenges they face.

One of the most striking things about the report is the sense that young people are missing out on childhood and being forced to face up to difficult circumstances.

Many of the wishes related to the desire to see every child safe with specific references to domestic abuse.  Children 1st point to research suggesting that domestic abuse takes place in 50,000 households where children are living.   As Local Government Shadow Minister I know that more resources are rightly being put into child protection.

On healthy lifestyles there is recognition among young people of the damaging impact of drinking and smoking on many families.

However, the report also highlights the aspirations that young people hold and their hopes for the future through education, work and family life.

The report is a reminder that there is much to do if we are to deliver a better future for young people and that the work of Children 1st, 130 years after it was founded as the RSSPCC, is as vital as ever.

I’ve lodged a motion in Parliament welcoming the report and calling on all areas of Scottish society to work together to ensure that all of Scotland’s children enjoy happy, healthy, safe and secure childhoods.